Weddings in Thailand
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Party Arrangements
What you have to do
Depending on the time of year we can arrange for any party size from a handful of people and up to about 40 guests and offer full accommodation, so that you will feel that you are in ‘Your second home in Thailand’. Jungle Village has staged parties for more than 5 years including elephant shows in the gardens and is very well dressed and locally connected for the task. The benefit of this is that you do not have to move around or be pushed around to a lot of different places during the most Special Day in you Life and get unnecessarily tired before the evening party. We have the expertise and all the facilities required, and you will receive friendly, personal assistance and guidance by experienced and competent people throughout the day.
Whatever you prefer, you may find yourselves immersed in a sea of flower decorations all day and many days after. The bridal bouquet can be tailored to your wishes, and we can dress you in traditional Thai costumes for the ceremony and make special arrangement with a professional hairdresser and make-up artist. Any transport of the bride or the married couple will be made in ribbon/flower decorated limousine, and the day can be filmed and/or photographed by professional photographers.